The book and my next steps.

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about my book and potential galleries that could feature my work. The book is ready, but I can't help but feel as though there is something missing. I think I may set out to do another twenty to thirty shoots to really solidify the portfolio and get just a tiny bit more diversity in the selection. 

Once I'm done with this series, who knows. It's quite easy to get pigeonholed into one specific facet of your craft, for me that is animal photography and it is what I have grown to be known for. My animal series is a relatively new series and I feel as though I yearn to work with more colours, just like I used to before this particular project. This isn't to say I will give it up but rather I plan to diversify. I truly love animals, but I feel as though I am ready to step into new ground as well: people. Who knows what that might yield but I will have to see. I have a number of ideas, many of which will take me back to my home country Jordan. In the mean time, here is one of my more recent additions to my quiet collection (click on it for more).