Distribution for Self Publishing

As far as I am concerned, my two priorities for this book are as follows: 

  1. It is inexpensive, especially for what it is. 
  2. It is beautiful.

I don't plan on making a profit neither do I want to. Realistically, this is hardly even in my hands, but I would like to have this principle intact nonetheless. 

Distribution is my primary concern when self publishing this book. I had a great meeting with a printing company in Belgium yesterday. I truly believe they are the best qualified printer in the region to bring this book to life. As I await a quote for the first 1000 copies, I need to think of how I actually plan to get it to the people that buy it. I do not think I am planning on going through the large scale booksellers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the like. As much as I would like to see my book on their virtual shelves, it will just cost me far too much money and I will end up incurring a major loss. The remaining option is that I handle it all myself. 

Now, shipping a product of 2kgs from The Netherlands or the UK (where I am moving for the foreseeable future) looks like it will cost almost more than the book itself, so this isn't particularly feasible. If anybody reading this has any experience/suggestions, please reach out to me. When I have worked out a reasonable shipping/storage option, I will start creating the business plan to eventually run a crowdfunding campaign in November (if all goes according to plan).