My name change and the self publishing endeavour

Professionally, I now go by Robert, instead of Rob. 'Rob' was a snap decision I made making my photography page on Facebook when I was 16. Robert is pronounced the french way (Ro-bear), that's what my mother calls me and that is officially what I'm called, so I thought it important to go back to my roots before I publish something officially. 

So once again, self publishing is on the table. The compromise I've worked out with myself is that I would like to do a collectors edition for all the people who have shown me support over the last few months, and it will be a limited run of about 1000 copies, perhaps more depending on if there is enough interest in it. I will hopefully launch the kickstarter campaign before the end of the first week of december, I just have a few things left to figure out regarding that part of the project. 

More than once have I heard now to separate the book into two books, Canine and Feline Soul. I'm sure the titles speak for themselves. Part of me feels as though I'd be letting go of a fundamental part of the project if I split the dogs and cats. I love looking at them next to each other, against each other, to complement and contrast one another. This is why, the self published collection of my photographs will be with both. 

Below is a raw still from the kickstarter video I'm working on. More on this later!

Have a great Friday!