Animal Soul Updates

For those of you that missed the Kickstarter campaign. Animal Soul is available to pre-order through my site. I only sell signed copies through here which go for £40. The official public release date for the book is September 15By purchasing a book through my site you directly support my work and help me continue making photos.

It has been a busy month for the production of Animal Soul. It is all going smoothly, I am just beginning to see how incredibly thorough one must be in order to send a finished product to the printer that is virtually flawless. When I say flawless I mean without any avoidable errors. 

I would have been ready to send the book to the printer over 3 weeks ago but as the Kickstarter was drawing to a close I was approached by a publisher who was interested in joining the project. The negotiations and discussions set me back a few weeks, but also helped me see the project in a new light. It is with their help that I am confident that Animal Soul will see all the corners of the world. 

I am working on finding the balance between self and commercial publishing. I have designed the book entirely by myself. All the photos, layout, text and everything you see in the book (with exception of the foreword) was created by me. So in that respect, the book is exactly the result of how I would imagine it to be produced. On the flip side, the newly attached publisher offers me the support of a traditional publishing house, meaning the book can be distributed, sublicensed, registered and marketed the proper way, meaning you will most likely be able to purchase it in all the major stores in the coming few months. 

I am now in the phase of doing the final colour work on all the images. The printer has asked me to deliver all the images in a specific format so that's all I'm doing now. I will post more updates when the book is actually rolling off the presses.